The Monolith

In our quest to pioneer a new era of interactive and immersive storytelling, we found words were not enough to express the breadth of possibilities. It became clear that we needed to show, not just tell. In response, we conceptualized and developed 'The Monolith' - an adaptable, portable, and aesthetically futuristic prototype that embodies our vision.

Concept Development, Design, Fabrication, Hardware Integration, Interactive Media Development.

The Monolith has been featured in a range of events and art shows, consistently generating interest and intrigue. By effectively demonstrating our capabilities, it not only articulates our vision but also fuels our continued evolution in interactive and immersive storytelling. It enables us to create compelling demos and prototypes, showcasing our innovative capabilities.

Stepping into the presence of The Monolith is a mesmerizing experience with its lifelike 3D visuals that feel within reach, touch free interactivity, and vibrant display. Inspired by the film "2001: A Space Odyssey," this towering, visually arresting piece breaks away from conventional kiosk models, pulling audiences into a new world.

In addition to its touch-free capabilities, The Monolith offers a button pad for a more tactile approach, enhancing its flexibility and depth. It can serve as a point of interest or a dynamic centerpiece, seamlessly integrating into diverse contexts to narrate compelling stories.

At its core, The Monolith embodies a unique user experience that goes beyond the ordinary. It's our way of demonstrating, rather than simply explaining, the full potential of interactive and immersive storytelling.

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The Monolith's inception began with a simple sketch, gradually taking form through Blender's 3D modeling. Acknowledging the significance of pre-visualization and prototyping in the design process, we began with the integration of various hardware elements, meticulously crafting the structure to accommodate their dimensions seamlessly.

Constructed from wood and cloaked in laminate, The Monolith houses a 55" LG OLED G2 screen, securely held by a custom bracket. Within its base slides a computer powered by an i9 13900k and Nvidia a6000, granting us the capability to generate high-quality 3D visuals in 4K resolution with real-time interactivity. The robust hardware and multiple outputs of the computer enable it to drive an entire installation.

For hand-tracking, we employed an Ultraleap 3Di, and the buttons are an Elgato Stream Deck +, sending MIDI. We develop custom software using TouchDesigner and Unreal Engine.

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Alexander Hall
Chris Pope