Gone Tomorrow

Create an art installation that showcases the synergy between art and technology for MODA's tech summit networking mixer.

Concept Development, Touch free development, Asset Creation, Projection Mapping, Fabrication, Installation

By fusing various technologies with artistic elements, we succeeded in creating an emotional and engaging experience, thereby fully realizing our objective of demonstrating the harmonious relationship between creativity and technological innovation.

In our pursuit to blend art with technology, we saw an opportunity not just to create but to connect, to provoke thought, and to touch hearts. We developed a concept, inspired by the raw reality of digital loneliness. Through projection mapping, 3D modeling, and a splash of sculpting magic, we crafted more than an installation for MODA's tech summit; we crafted an engaging and emotionally resonant experience, a living artwork that wasn't merely about immersion but a reflection of our digital age, a story that connected with attendees in a way that was uniquely engaging, profound, and enchanting.

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Alexander Hall

Daniel Carrai

Nathan Wyatt