Current Nostalgia

Create an experience that brings a modern twist to nostalgia, attracts people into the store and promotes social media engagement.

Experience Design, Interactive Media Development, Projection Mapping, Photogrammetry, Installation

Guests loved the grand opening experience, engaged with each experience and we saw a wave of positive feedback.

Within 24 hours, Current Nostalgia's Instagram account:
- reached 15.1K accounts (a 36% increase)
- garnered 255 engagements (a 72.2% increase)

Instagram Reel of the project has attracted over 100k views and 9500+ likes. 

We planted The Monolith outside of Current Nostalgia to act as a magnet to the front door. Bright and colorful visuals were a beacon, drawing crowds towards the entrance. Here, guests discovered a new frontier of retail interaction—controlling detailed 3D models touch-free. Each of these models represented a featured item from the store. By simply rotating their hands, customers could rotate the models, and with a swipe left or right, they could effortlessly shuffle through the carousel.

We replaced the traditional welcome mat with an interactive floor projection inviting guests to play with a constellation of circular particles.

A TV mounted on the back wall became a VHS STYLE mirror with customers taking selfies, their faces framed with the Current Nostalgia logo—creating instant keepsake of their journey into Current Nostalgia.

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The main feature of this experience was the touch-free product carousel on The Monolith. We took featured items from the shop and used photogrammetry to construct detailed models of each item. We used Current Nostalgia's preexisting 2D artwork and logos and turned them into 3D assets. This gave us more flexibility for creating unique visuals and programming the interactives. 

The floor projection leverages a Kinect Azure and was programmed to track up to six individuals simultaneously. Each person can interact and uniquely alter the particle system. 

To create the VHS TV effect, we used an old VHS camera and plugged it into the computer in The Monolith. We did some processing, resizing and overlayed a moving 3D logo then sent the new and improved camera feed into the TV.

All of this was done with custom software created in TouchDesigner.

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Alexander Hall

Cordrell Colbert

Daniel Carrai